Our Fondation

The Carla Bruni-Sarkozy Foundation was established in April 2009 under the Fondation de France’s aegis, and started operating in September that year.

Its aim : to build bridges between people in vulnerable circumstances and education, culture and art.

It runs its initiatives with a hands-on approach and a long-term perspective, targeting children, disadvantaged students, and excluded people (prisoners, homeless, etc.). It tailors its initiatives to the people it reaches out to, and to where they are, i.e. in the street, prisons, hospitals, secondary schools in top-priority education districts, and social centres.

The President and Founder decides on the main focus areas and programmes after consulting the Executive Committee to secure its approval. The Executive Committee meets twice a year. This Foundation then provides support in one of two ways: financial support for existing initiatives (plus possibly enhancing media exposure) or rolling out programmes that it develops itself.

Two principles guide all its initiatives :

—- This Foundation’s team rolls out all its initiatives, liaising with the Fondation de France’s experts in social and cultural fields.
—- All its funds come from the private sector, i.e. people or businesses not controlled by the State. It does not rely on the general public’s generosity and does not intend to substitute public-sector action, but rather to complement it.

Foundation facts and figures :

—- In the 23 months of activity to September 2011, €2.49 million has been paid out in grants and scholarships.
—- It rolled out 11 programmes during that period, for example supporting education (helping 900 senior secondary school students), and curbing illiteracy (helping parents and children in 415 families to avert or overcome it).
—- It supported 60 association projects.
—- It is working with 54 partner organisations in the cultural and social fields.