This Foundation’s initiatives target a broad audience, ranging from children in community day-care centres to grown-ups struggling with illiteracy.

Our initiatives, however, have one thing in common: they use education and culture to rebuild self-esteem. Exclusion can hit in so many ways (disease, homelessness, incarceration, illiteracy, obstacles on the road to higher education, etc.) but always leads to the same place: dropping out, isolation and shame.

This Foundation is here to cut through that isolation and to rebuild the bond through cultural and artistic exchanges. Culture and art, however, are not merely entertaining forms of solace: they are tools.

Our initiatives encompass homeless people trying not to lose their grip on language, women in prison trying to get back in touch with their children, secondary-school students from disadvantaged homes who want to make it into a top school, and illiterate unemployed people who want to catch their break back into society.

All our programmes focus on people who are physically or socially cut off from opportunities to learn or enjoy culture in France, and are mapped out step by step between our President and Founder, and the Executive Committee. Experts in social, educational and cultural issues review all the submissions and replies we receive.

Supporting youth education – especially the switch from secondary to tertiary education, curbing illiteracy, and opening up culture and art, are this Foundation’s main three focus areas.