Father Joseph Wresinski founded ATD Quart Monde because he was aware that culture could play a pivotal role in efforts to curb exclusion.

In his view, what the poorest families needed most were kindergartens and libraries: It’s not so much food and clothes that they need: it’s dignity, it’s breaking free from that reliance on other people’s good intentions.”

Cultural or artistic activities for people in hospitals, prisons or precarious circumstances are not merely entertainment: the initiatives we work on use art or music to promote integration.

An opportunity to learn or sharpen their creativity, with their body language, listening, writing, reading, we hope, will help them to build or rebuild the image they have of themselves, which is all too often broken.

We team up with healthcare, social and prison workers to help these people to rebuild their bonds with others, and embrace personal and professional goals.

So far, this Foundation has invested around €580,000 to treat vulnerable people to cultural and artistic experiences.