Cité de la musique ('Music Centre')

Cultural and educational institution / Partner to the Foundation’s À toi de jouer programme (2010)

Designed by architect Christian de Porzamparc, the Cité de la musique is part of an extensive renovation project initiated by François Mitterrand and inaugurated in 1995 in the district of La Villette in Paris. Located next to to the National Conservatory of Music and Dance, it includes a museum, concert hall, areas for workshops and a documentation centre (including a media library), and exhibition areas dedicated to all types of music – jazz, rock and French songs as well as classical music (such exhibitions are frequently accompanied by illuminating lectures on the work of the artists being showcased). The Cité de la musique also plays host to contemporary ensembles in residence.
In 2010, in a learning programme designed to open up classical music to audiences from diverse backgrounds, the centre ran an educational project, À toi de jouer, in conjunction with the Foundation. Designed for children from disadvantaged districts of the city of Aix-en-Provence, the project involved youngsters aged 7 to 12, who, for various economic and social reasons, had not previously had access to artistic expression. À toi de jouer helps them discover the world of music through an innovative educational approach, based on the intuitive practice of instruments, while playing together in a small orchestra.