Campaign 46664

Campaign against AIDS in Africa / Concert at Radio City Music Hall (New York) in support of the campaign (18 July, 2009).

Referring to Nelson Mandela’s number when he was imprisoned on Robben Island, campaign 46664 aims to raise awareness and provide information on HIV/AIDS in Africa. The campaign mobilizes figures from the world of entertainment, both musicians and sportsmen, and it first became visible at a concert in Cape Town on November 29, 2003. Since this event at Green Point Stadium, which brought together the elite of the pop world (from Youssou N’Dour to Eurythmics), 46664 has become a focal point for many actions undertaken by the former South African President in favor of children (Nelson Mandela Fund, 1995), education (Mandela Rhodes Foundation, 2003) and information concerning disease and poverty (46664, 2002). Only July 18, 2009, for the Nobel Peace Prize winner’s 91st birthday, a Mandela Day was inaugurated in New York. Symbolized by a concert at the Radio City Music Hall, this day which was, in particular, applauded by Barack Obama, encouraged people the world over to devote 67 minutes of their time to positive action — 67 is the number of years that have passed since Nelson Mandela’s first battles. The price of tickets for the concert (from $50 to $1,000) brought in funds, and it parallel initiatives were launched by a number of luxury brands, including the 46664 bracelet by Montblanc and the Tag Pendant 46664 piece, a limited series numbered from 1 to 466 (€1,700) by Vuitton.